What kind of bike thief are you?

In making To Catch a Bike Thief, we've learned that there are exactly 3 kinds of bike thieves, and depending on where you live, you're likely to encounter one type of bike thief more often than the others.

Bike Thief species can be listed as follows:

1) Opportunists

2) Salesmen

3) Commissioned Salesmen

cable lock
The Opportunistic bike thief is a casual deviant that steals bikes or parts that are easy to steal, not properlylocked or are in a very low risk area.  He may never have stolen a bicycle before, and definitely didn't set out with a plan to steal your bike, but saw it unlocked on his way home from the bar and grabbed the opportunity. Best defence: Any old lock will do.

The bike thief that intends to steal your bike to exchange it for goods or money.  She does not yet know whocable and ulock
her buyer is, but she knows that for the right price, someone will take it off her hands.  Chances are, she was out looking for a bike to steal, and found the security system protecting yours to be easy to break given the tools she had and the knowledge she's developed.  Best defence:  Use two different kinds of locks.

Commissioned Salesmen
These are the bogeymen that you should be afraid of.  Commissioned Salesmen may have an employer thatinsurance
gives specific instructions for a certain type of bike to be stolen - think organized crime.  Other bike thieves won't steal your bike if it's too difficult or if there's too high a chance they might get caught.  But Commissioned Salesmen may just figure out where you live and then they'll come and take it from you when you least suspect it!  Best defence: Get theft insurance, keep bike locked indoors with two kinds of locks at all times. If you really want to fight back, put a GPS tracker on your bicycle so you can track down your bike if it disappears.

Why does the type of thief matter? 

we want to learn about exactly who we're dealing with. With that information in hand, we can help you - the bike community - protect yourself against the specific type of bike thief working in your area


Do you know what type of bike thieves have been wreaking havoc in your neighborhood?