Q&A with To Catch a Bike Thief producer Ingo Lou

to catch a bike thief logoIt may have crossed your mind to ask, who's behind this To Catch a Bike Thief business? Tonight, I got to sit down with To Catch a Bike Thief producer Ingo Lou to get the inside scoop on how it all came about.

KJ: So tell me, what is To Catch a Bike Thief exactly?

IL: To Catch a Bike Thief is a new web series we are making about bike theft. Basically, the show follows a group of people who try to catch bike thieves using a GPS tracked bait bike that they built last summer. We wanted to make something that was awesome and entertaining but at the same time could actually make a difference in the fight against bike theft.  

The trailer launches on Feb 2, 2012 and we hope to release our first webisode this spring.

KJ: How did you come up with the idea?

IL: On January 13, 2011 between 2AM and 6AM - I locked up my bike in front of my place, and forgot about it overnight. The next morning, it was gone. It was really surreal to imagine that at that very moment, someone somewhere in the city was riding around on my bicycle. That was the fourth bike of mine stolen, and I had definitely had enough.

With GPS tracking becoming so common in every-day items (cars, phones, even computers), I figured that since bikes are so commonly stolen, one solution would be for cyclists to keep tabs on their bikes with simple GPS trackers. I imagined what I might say to the person who'd just stolen my ride - it wasn't particularly kind. 

So, I decided that it would make for an entertaining show to follow what happens to bicycles when they are stolen. I brought my long-time friend, filmmaker Kirsten Aubrey on board. Two weeks later, we had our first conceptual plans, within a month we were writing plot outlines, and within 3 months, we were doing screen tests with potential cast members.

KJ: Are there any bigger goals behind To Catch a Bike Thief, besides exorcising the demons of your own bike being stolen?

IL: I want to create an entertaining expose about the world of bike theft. Along the way, we will try out new technologies and strategies that cyclists can use to protect themselves against bike theft. Bike theft is an issue that affects all cyclists, but I am hoping to bring in a wider community of activists, policy makers and law enforcement to take bike theft more seriously and help develop better ways to really make a difference in the fight against bike theft.

KJ: You mentioned you have an "ask" for readers. Over to you!

IL: Right now, the most important thing you can do is like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share our trailer with everyone you think might love a show about stopping bike theft!  

We'll eventually be crowd sourcing funding for production of our full first season, and we'll let you know when that happens!