Need a new bike? Come steal one at our Launch Party

Have you ever wanted to know how easy it was to steal a bike?  Find out at our launch party!

Here are the RULES:

  1. RSVP for our launch party
  2. Bring your own tools.  We'll have some here though just in case.  No power tools or plasma cutters please.
  3. Make a pledge or donation to our project ($20 recommended)
  4. Get a numbered ticket (one per person)
  5. At 8:15PM, if we call out your number, be get ready - you'll have 2 minutes to attempt to defeat a Bike Guard U-Lock
  6. Be the fastest to get through the lock and remove the bicycle (without damaging it) and it's yours to keep!  That's it!

Note, if you participate in this contest, your attempt may be featured in one of our upcoming web videos.  Also, from now on, if one of your friends' bikes goes missing, they will probably think you did it!