How will To Catch a Bike Thief reduce Bike Theft?

If 2.5 bicycles are stolen every minute, then cyclists are spending millions of dollars every year to replace them. 

How will To Catch a Bike Thief fight bike theft?

We'd like to think that bike thieves, wary about becoming internet-famous when a camera crew descends upon them with a stolen bicycle would stop them from stealing bikes, but we are not so naive. This is because the bike theft problem goes much deeper than good guys vs bad.

Even if we stopped every single bike thief today, someone else will start stealing Bike Thiefbikes tomorrow. This is because

So the problem isn't bike thieves - it's bike theft!  Therefore, To Catch a Bike Thief will need to promote change in other ways.  

We think that a well produced web series about stopping bike thieves will promote discussion about the bike theft problem. We hope that our fact-driven approach will dispell some of the rumors and urban myths about bike thieves and bike theft. And by showing what works and what doesn't will hopefully make it tougher for thieves to steal your bike.

How can you help us?

Let us fight the problem together.  It's hard enough commuting without getting killed on the roads - who wants to worry about whether their bike will still be there when it's time to go home?  Spread the word, share our website, retweet our stuff, and perhaps most importantly right now - make a small contribution to help us produce our web series!  


How do YOU see us in the fight against bike theft?