How to Stop Bike Theft Forever - 10 really easy ways


GwadzillaEver since we started working on a web series about bicycle theft, a lot of people have people have been asking us about the best ways to prevent bike theft.  After a lot of field study, we've determined that the following guaranteed 10 guidelines are easy ways to stop bike theft every time.

1) If you see a bike locked up outside somewhere, don't steal it.

2) If you see a bike that has a really flimsy lock on it, don't steal it.

3) If someone just ran inside to take care of something real quick and left their bike outside unlocked, don't steal it.

4) If someone parked their bike in an indoor bike lock up area, even if there's no video camera nearby, don't steal it.

5) If you see a really nice bike in a bike shop and no one is looking and the door is wide open, don't steal it.

6) If you find yourself running late one day and someone's bike happens to be in their back yard unlocked, don't steal it.

7) If you're celebrating your buddy's 24th birthday and on your way home from the bar it starts raining and you pass by Mr. Smith's house and notice that his twelve year-old son's bike isn't locked up, don't steal it.

8) If circumstances in your life lead you to substance abuse, resulting in problems holding down steady employment and when you find yourself completely broke and you find a crowbar on the ground next to a really nice but u-locked Cannondale, don't steal it.

9) If someone approaches you and gives you $50 and says that there's another $200 where that came from if you go and steal him a specific kind of bike, don't steal it.

 10) If there's a zombie apocalypse and the only way to get away is to grab your neighbor's kid's new mountain bike from their porch, don't steal it.

That's it!  If you follow those simple guidelines, you too can prevent bike theft.  It's easy!

-- Ingo

(This post was inspired by Scarleteen's 10 Surefire Ways to Prevent Sexual Assault)

(photo credit: ( kurtz ), stolen from gwadzilla)