Hidden Camera and Microphone in Bait Bike

Have you ever wanted to get a good look at who stole your bike?

Now you can... or at least, we can!  Last week, one of our team members, Elijah and Ingo spent the afternoon modding a standard web cam for use in our bait bike.  After removing the plastic housing and trimming off some of the unneccessary pieces of the electronics board, we inserted the micro video camera inside of the stem of our bait bike. The results exceeded our expectations, and we're pretty impressed with the clarity of the image it can capture.

The version depicted in this video is just a temporary proof of principle, but we've already got a line on a sound-activated video camera and microphone that we will use in our video footage for the To Catch a Bike Thief web series that will record reasonably good quality video and audio and can store up to 16GB worth of video.

Stay tuned - in a future blog entry, we'll review the Loc8tor homing beacon that we'll use to augment the GPS tracking in our bait bike.

Have you got any clever ideas you'd like to share about tracking and surveillance gear we can put into future bait bikes?