Crumpler Laptop Messenger Bag Giveaway

Crumpler Messenger laptop bagOK, here's the deal:  We've received crazy support for To Catch a Bike Thief from Crumpler Canada in the form of several AWESOME messenger bags.  But what we really need right now is your help fundraising.  

So we've devised a little contest:  
In the next 48 hours, share the link ( for our crowd funding campaign on your Facebook timeline or by e-mail urging your friends to contribute to our cause.  Whoever refers the most number of friends to contribute to our IndieGoGo campaign online will win this bag.  Contest winner to be announced on Monday, May 14!

That's it!  Just a few notes - individual donations from your friends must be greater than $5 each for it to count.  Also, you'll have to "tag" our show (@to catch a bike thief) in your status update so we can track how many of your friends visited our IndieGoGo page and contributed.

Any questions, just get in touch with us!  


Good Luck!