Crumpler Laptop Messenger Bag - giveaway 4 - Best anti-theft security measure available

Personal anti-bike theft systemOK.  So everyone is paranoid about bike theft.  But some people (like whoever owns the bike in the photo) have taken matters into their own hands...

We'd like to see what you have seen in your journeys online and offline for our next Crumpler laptop messenger bag giveaway.

Share your favorite bicycle theft deterrent system (story, photo, video, whatever) on our facebook timeline.  The best one (as measured by "likes") wins a brand new Crumpler laptop messenger bag. Contest starts today, and as before, ends on Sunday night (May 27, 2012)

These bags - btw - are really quite awesome.  I put one on during a video shoot last weekend, and basically have not taken it off since!  

By the way, if you love our project and what we're trying to do, please consider a small contribution on our IndieGoGo crowdfunding page.  Your contribution will help bring our show to life and will help make a difference in the fight against bike theft!


Excited to see all your anti-theft bicycle security measures.  Post your best ideas.  Win a bag.  Do it now!!