Bike Theft 101: learning to think like a bike thief

Ever wanted to steal a bike, but didn't because - well, you know - stealing is wrong?

Well 24 lucky guests at our recent launch parties got to try it out without having to go to jail! Bike Guard was kind enough to donate a couple dozen of their top-end King Pin locks and Norco was good enough to provide a couple bikes to give to the "bike thief" that could defeat a lock in the least amount of time.  We did this to show people how using a good lock can do a lot to prevent bike theft.  In the end, not a single person at either launch parties was able to cut through the lock in the 5 minutes given, and we had to just give the bikes away by draw!!!  

We put together a little video of the festivities as thanks to all of our incredible guests and sponsors.  


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