5 AWESOME ways to help us fight bike theft on a budget

We need money.

yep, if you've been following our story for a while, you'll know that we're in the throws of an ambitious crowd-funding campaign.  We're raising money to shoot season 1 of the To Catch a Bike Thief web series.  We've had a lot of success getting people to contribute to our cause, and we've got 25 days left to bring it home.  If you love us, hate bike theft, but have no money to give here are 5 easy and awesome ways you can help us out!

  1. Facebook - click here for a high resolution

    TCBT Call out version of the image you see to the right.  Post this picture on your timeline and ask your friends to check us out on Facebook (www.facebook.com/tocatchabikethief).  Don't forget to like us too!

  2. Twitter - tell your followers to check us out.  here's a pre-packaged tweet:  "123,000 bicycles stolen per month in the US and Canada. Outraged? help fight bike theft - support To Catch a Bike Thief http://ow.ly/aKFk8"

  3. Blog it - Got a blog?  follow a blog?  consider writing about us and our crowd funding campaign.  Feel free to get in touch with us for a comment specific to you and your blog!

  4. Tell your friends - the old fashioned way.  you know, with words that you say with your mouth.  It feels weird I know, but try it some time.  You'll get used to it!  

  5. Contribute a dollar - Really?  just one dollar?  yes - because the more funders we receive, the more our profile on IndieGoGo will go up.  When that happens, it boosts our visibility on the site, and they actually start promoting our project!  Literally have no money?  try this - step 1: check inside your couch.  step 2: contribute whatever you find there to our crowd funding campaign - http://www.indiegogo.com/To-Catch-a-Bike-Thief  


If you've ever had a bike stolen, you know how much it sucks.  Bike theft is everyone's problem.  Please don't stand by and let it happen.  Help fight bike theft - support To Catch a Bike Thief today!