Meet the Team

Ingo Lou

Ingo Lou

Web Series Producer and  Host

As a kid, I used to build mountain bike trails in the woods behind my house.  Living in rural Alberta, I didn't even own a bike lock. I didn’t need to because in the town of 800 people where I went to school, no one ever locked up their bike.  I guess it would have been pretty obvious who the culprit was in a place that small. It wasn't until I moved to Toronto after high school that my first bike was stolen.  Fast forward 10 years and 4 expensive bikes later, I decided that I was sick of buying new bikes for other people to steal!

To Catch a Bike Thief seemed like the obvious way for me to make a difference in the fight against bike crime and to explore the problem from new angles. I’m pretty excited to devise and test some clever new ways for individuals, communities and society to tackle the bike theft issue.

Ultimately I want To Catch a Bike Thief to engage, educate and entertain people that ride bikes and hate bike theft.   

Kirsten Aubrey

Kirsten Aubrey

Web Series Director and Co-Producer

I have had a love affair with cycling ever since I first learned to ride. The taste of freedom I get from my bike and a free afternoon is impossible to beat. I have worked as a bicycle courier and experienced several long distance bike trips – I've lived and earned my living in the saddle. In other words, my bikes are really important to me, and having them stolen has been one of the worst experiences I have had.

Serenity now!

As a member of To Catch A Bike Thief, I want to be closely involved in the cycling community to understand the big picture of bike theft, and make an impact to help protect our bikes. To be able to ride is a pleasure and a privilege, which is fortunately accessible to citizens of a large range of ability, both physically and financially. To me, understanding the impacts and effects of the growing culture of urban cycling is fascinating and pertinent, especially as more cities become bicycle friendly.

Can’t wait for you to join us in our adventure!

Ryan Whyte

Ryan Whyte

Bait Bike Intercept Team Dispatcher

After having not ridden seriously since childhood, for some odd reason I decided to try out this new fixed gear thing and from the moment I slipped my feet into the toe-cages and felt the wheel as an extension of my leg I was hooked. I ride simply for the joy of it and love nothing more than going fast on a sunny day. I built my first bike three years ago and frankly she is my one true love! If my bike were ever stolen I would cry for days.  I never ever let my bike out of my sight because the prospect of theft in my hometown of Vancouver is very, very real. 

I decided to join To Catch a Bike Thief because I love cycling and the cycling community that is growing ever stronger in Vancouver and around the world. For many people to even consider trading their carbon-spewing cars for bikes, issues like cyclists’ rights and bike theft need to be seriously addressed. 

I hope that To Catch a Bike Thief will put bike thieves on notice and plant at least a small kernel of doubt in any would-be bike thief's mind as to whether the next lock they cut could result in internet fame. Unfortunately, only an incredibly small percentage of stolen bikes are ever recovered and even fewer bike thieves are convicted. If thieves have to start wondering whether all bikes have GPS trackers in them, then hopefully – just maybe – they'll think twice. 

Orlaith Swords

Orlaith Swords

Emergency Services Liason

After moving to Vancouver for one year from Ireland I became immersed in the city’s bike culture. Vancouver is an amazing city to cycle in because it’s made a point to welcome bikers in a way that Ireland or the UK hasn’t. Just before moving to Vancouver I did a charity cycle which reignited my love of cycling, something I hadn’t done since I was a child. Although I’m happy to say that I never experienced bike theft first hand in Vancouver, having had two bikes stolen previously I understand how frustrating and upsetting it is. 

For this reason I was keen to get involved with To Catch a Bike Thief. It is such a fantastic project to highlight a massive problem that exists in Vancouver, as well as other cities around the world. As cycling communities continue to grow it is really important to highlight issues such as bike theft and safe cycling.

For me To Catch a Bike Thief is more than a show – I think it has the chance to highlight the key role biking plays in so many people’s day-to-day life, and the huge impact bike theft can have on our lives. Not only do I hope that this project deters people from stealing bikes, but I also hope that the general public become more aware of the problem and help us in our fight against bike theft!

Brodie Albright

Broderick Albright

Intercept Team Leader and Confrontation Specialist

The Bicycle is undoubtedly the most efficient, economical, egalitarian and elegant transportation technology mankind has ever designed.  Growing up the son of an avid cyclist I learned at an early age that one's true wealth is measured by the number and quality of bicycles one owns, and that when not in use they should be hung on the wall to be appreciated like art.  Cycling is one of the most formative influences in my life and from the age of seven I have been a committed cyclist and bicycle commuter. Over my life I've lost one bicycle to bike theft, and seen countless friends lose their bicycles to thieves.  

I joined To Catch a Bike Thief because I wanted to help shine a light on the inequality and systemic damage bike theft causes to society.  From healthier citizens, to reduced pollution and traffic congestion, to increased greenspace and connection between people and nature, the benefits of cycling to society are enormous.  Bicycles are a healthy and affordable transportation option for students, youth, and low-income individuals, and these groups are most often the victims of bike theft.  Unfortunately bike theft is not taken as seriously as other crimes, and the victim is often blamed for not taking enough precaution. Imagine if every driver had to lug around a security device that weighed half as much as their vehicle!

My hope is that To Catch a Bike Thief will educate policy makers about the cost of ignoring bike theft and encourage law enforcement to treat bike theft as seriously as they treat automobile theft.  I hope To Catch a Bike Thief will help people recognize the positive impacts cycling has for society as a whole and inspire cyclists to demand more secure facilities.  Finally, I hope that To Catch a Bike Thief causes thieves think about the impact of their actions and maybe, just maybe, wonder if the next bike they steal might be the bait in the trap.

Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson

Security and Intercept Team member

Bikes, riding, cycling, cruising, jumping and pacing are all major parts of my life. Without the freedom of two wheels I would have been locked away in an asylum long ago. I have never had my bike stolen but many friends and clients have. For most, it's like their whole world has temporarily fallen to pieces. It's sad but I know it's something that can be stopped.

We as riders, no matter what we choose to ride, need to get these theft problems out in the open. Solutions need to be discussed in schools, at home, in the office and throughout communities so people can feel safe to ride. We only have to look at Holland for many of our answers to curb bike theft. In the meantime, we're going to have some fun catching some bike thieves on our show.

Mete Sener

Mete Sener

Bike Thief Surveillance Specialist

Cycling became a lifestyle for me when I sold my car and bought a bike 2 years ago.  Now, I ride everywhere and in any condition: rain, snow, or sunshine.  Nothing in life makes me feel as happy and connected to my world.  As one of the safest and one of the most secure cities in the world, I did not put too much thought into bicycle theft here in Vancouver.  Even when I started working with the To Catch A Bike Thief team, I thought they were making a big deal out of it.  Was I ever wrong! 

My bike was stolen one sunny summer day in front of my apartment in a safe neighbourhood.  I always thought this only happens to others: people who leave their bikes outside or overnight in shady neighbourhoods.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that this is a real problem to which no one is paying much attention.  With To Catch a Bike Thief, we want to raise awareness around the problem with a cool project and show that someone is taking action!  Enjoy our show.