To Catch a Bike Thief Team

When one of our GPS-Tracked Bait Bikes Goes Missing 

Tune in to To Catch a Bike Thief where we use the latest technologies to bait, follow, and retrieve our GPS-enabled bikes, to confront the problem of bike theft head on and on camera.  

Watch as the To Catch a Bike Thief team goes from passive bystander to active participant in the fight against bike crime, uncovering the underground industry of bike theft, starting at its roots.

Underlying bike crime are society’s ills and inequalities. To Catch a Bike Thief takes on these deeper issues, exploring the social conditions that shape the culture of bike theft. As patterns emerge and differing perspectives are voiced, we make it our mission to disrupt the chains of supply and demand that fuel it. 

In the process, we’ll grow our community of bike friends, share experiences on how to prevent bike theft, and bring of all our adventures straight to your screen in our web series.


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sweet currant productionsTo Catch a Bike Thief is produced by Sweet Currant Productions in Vancouver, BC.